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Combining measurement data and video images

At a glance

  • Synchronized recording of video capture and measured data with ibaPDA-V6
  • Continuous and event-triggered recording
  • Storage protection for important recordings
  • Up to 16 analog and/or IP cameras
  • Replay and analysis of video recordings synchronously with measured data in ibaAnalyzer 
  • Easy configuration with ibaPDA-V6 I/O manager
  • Live view of video capture for up to 16 cameras

Seamless integration in the iba system

Seamless integration in the iba system

ibaVision serves as a link between the iba system and HALCON®, the flexible programming library for industrial image processing. So ibaVision provides functions to automatically extract information from video data. Extracted information can then be recorded synchronously as “visual signals”. These signals can be processed, visualized and analyzed with the familiar iba tools in the usual way.

It is therefore possible for visual information that is difficult or impossible to detect with the usual sensors to be used for process analysis and automated monitoring.

Intelligent image processing

Intelligent image processing

Visual data generated by cameras are acquired by the ibaCapture-CAM video server and stored on its hard disks in compressed files. The video recording runs always continuously and additionally process sequences of special interest can be recorded event-triggered.

These events are the so called “Video triggers” and the corresponding recordings are stored in the protected area of the hard disk for longer data retention.

The video files on the hard disks are organized as a ring buffer.

An automatic cleanup procedure is applied to both the continuous and protected video storage.

Image information plus process signal

Image information plus process signal

Since the image information is synchronized with other process signals, causal relationships can be examined in a later analysis and finally the root-causes of malfunctions can be easily identified. In ibaAnalyzer, visual signals, process signals, and the images from all cameras are time synchronized and replayed accurate to the measuring point. Processed images provide additional information and facilitate the identification of certain image content based on markers. With the help of comprehensive information, users are able to conduct in-depth ana­lyses.

Conversely, process information can also be used for image processing. For example, the system knows based on the process signals which workpiece is currently in production and can adjust the optimum camera settings accordingly.

Flexible image processing solutions with HALCON

Flexible image processing solutions with HALCON

The actual processing of the image data is carried out with HALCON library functions. The application for image processing must be created by the user for every specific project. 

HALCON by MVTec is a widely-used product that specialists all over the world use to create image processing applications.

Numerous applications can be realized with the help of the extensive range of functions.
In order to create HALCON applications, a license for using HDevelop is required.
To run the ibaVision solution, a HALCON runtime license is required (included in ibaVision or purchased separately depending on the order option).

Commercial programming libraries such as HALCON offer the advantage of a constant development of functions in new releases. In addition, technical support and training are offered.

Integration of ibaVision

Integration of ibaVision

The interfaces available in the HALCON application for data exchange are automatically detected in ibaVision and can be flexibly linked to signals from the iba system (see the figure of the configuration tree on the right). Both signal and image information can be used bidirectionally.

The calculated visual signals are recorded in ibaPDA. If necessary, process signals, which are already available in ibaPDA, can be sent to ibaVision and used to control the image processing.

The cameras configured in ibaCapture can be used as image source. However, the images emerging in the processing that are provided with markers, for example, can be returned to ibaCapture and displayed and recorded as a video stream of a virtual camera.


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