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Historical data available immediately

At a glance

  • Continuous recording of data over a long period of time
  • Direct access to historical data out of ibaPDA
  • Intuitive interface for visualizing historical data, e.g. functions like browsing, scrolling, jumping at a certain date
  • Fast zoom function for displaying data from annual, monthly or weekly overview down to a millisecond range
  • Combined display of current and historical data within one application
  • Recording and display of event-triggered messages
  • Quick finding of events from the past
  • Simple configuration by means of the familiar ibaPDA-V6-surface
  • The same HD-Server can be used for more than one HD-Data stores filled by different ibaPDA-V6-systems

Measured data without file boundaries

Measured data without file boundaries

ibaHDServer OverviewThe proven capturing and recording of measured data with ibaPDA renders single files that can be displayed and analyzed with the ibaAnalyzer software.

For analyzing measured data over a long period of time or finding the cause for a certain event, up to now users had to evaluate single data files or build a sequence of files in ibaAnalyzer.

In case the exact time of an event was unknown finding the event by searching different files could be a tedious task.

This is why recording in a data store without boundaries is an advantage. This is especially true for long-running batch processes as we find it in paper manufacturing, finishing processes in foundries, in annealing or in chemical plants.

The new software component ibaHD-Server (Historical Data Server) allows measured data to be recorded continuously over a long period of time and displaying it continuously afterwards. Accessing data and displaying it out of ibaPDA wihout changing the application is another new feature.

Rapid access to events from the past

Rapid access to events from the past

By means of several filters you can find quickly events of the past in the event table and display the appropriate signal views.The HD-server does not only offer the time-based recording of signals, but also the recording of event-triggered messages. These are shown in an event table.

The event messages are controlled by a trigger signal and can contain variable fields for system information and individual texts.

By means of targeted queries, you can rapidly find events from the past in the event table. When did a signal exceed a certain threshold? When has a production unit been finished?

Based on the message, the course of the associated signals can be shown by just a mouseclick. The signal display jumps to the point in time, which the event occurred at.

Fast survey and zoom functions

Fast survey and zoom functions

Comprising a client and a server component, the HD-Server is integrated seamlessly in the ibaPDA-V6, ibaQPanel and ibaAnalyzer concepts.

The server component runs as service under windows either on the ibaPDA computer or on an own server in the network. ibaPDA-V6 is capturing measured data continuously and sends it to the HD-Server. The data are stored for weeks, months or even years in a special file structure.

Due to a special way of compressing data, graphs can be zoomed very fast from the lowest to the highest resolution. The user can view with just a few mouse-clicks the long-term survey as well as signal details within a millisecond range.

One single server for more than one recordings

One single server for more than one recordings

One HD-Server can be used for administrating more than one HD-Data stores. An ibaPDA-V6-system can supply several HD-Data stores on the same or on different servers with data.

This way, e.g. production and maintenance data can be stored separately. You can chose for each HD-Data store individually, which signals are to be stored.

Also different ibaPDA-systems can store their data on one HD-Server, but this in different recordings. This way, the HD-Server can be used as a higher level system for recording data from different plants of one factory.

Easy way of operation

Easy way of operation

Operation and configuration of the ibaHD-Server are realized by the ibaPDA-client software, which also provides the display function of the historical data in the ibaPDA-client or the ibaQPanel.

In the well-known ibaPDA-V6-client, signals are configured via Drag & Drop in a special HD-view. Special control elements, zoom- and jump-functions support navigation along a historical time axis.

Analysis in ibaAnalyzer

Analysis in ibaAnalyzer

By means of ibaAnalyzer, the iba analysis program, data from the ibaHD Server can be analyzed conveniently. Using markers or a calendar function, a time period can be defined in the recording and the included measured data can be further processed with all available functions, incl. report generation.

It is also possible to export the analyzed time period to an iba measuring data file in the .dat format.

Modular product design for customized needs

Modular product design for customized needs

The portfolio of the HD-Server can be customized to individual needs. The basic licenses for ibaHD-Server are graded according to the number of signals and comprise one HD-Server, two HD-Data stores and two HD-Clients.

By means of extended licenses, the possible number of signals can be enhanced in several steps. For the number of the needed HD-recordings, it does not matter which kind of data recording is chosen. With the two standard data recordings, you can e.g. realize a time-based HD-recording and an event-based recording.

For a further extension of the system, you can get licenses for more HD-Data stores (on the same server) and more HD-Clients which allow you to access the historical data of an HD-Server out of more than one iba-client.

For each work station, which displays historical data, you need an HD-Server client-license and the ibaPDA-V6 client software.

Please refer to the product sheet for technical data.

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