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Central Management and Analysis of decentrally acquired Data

At a glance

  • Fast searching and finding of iba measuring files via properties
  • Consistent analysis of measured data over the whole production line
  • Long-term analysis across measuring files with graphical representation (trend, histogram, xy-diagram)
  • Configuration of problem specific views for different user groups
  • Freely configurable graphical user interface in designer mode
  • Simultaneous search in measuring files provided by different decentral ibaPDA systems in the network
  • Reduces network load during a search
  • Fast overview in signal preview window

ibaDatManager allows for rapidly finding process-related measurement data using the properties of the measured signals and the characteristic values extracted from them. You do not need to know file names and storage locations. A decisive advantage is the possibility to evaluate quality parameters statistically at a glance. Thus, deviations from the normal behavior can be discovered rapidly and analyzed in detail.

Fast Access to all Data in the Network

Fast Access to all Data in the Network

ibaDatManagerIn major industrial plants (e.g. hot rolling mills) often more than one iba system is acquiring process and quality data at different places along the production line. Usually the acquired data is stored in different locations as measuring files.

The access to the data through the network is often complicated and restricted by user rights belonging to the different kind of user groups like maintenance, production or quality management. ibaDatManager provides an easy way to view, filter and access the recorded data, independent from its location.

It is possible to design customized views fitting to the requirements of maintenance, production or any other concerns. Finding measuring files by using ibaDatManager is made efficient by selecting key information like product id, production date or quality values directly and comfortable.

The result of the selection are files displayed at a clearly structured table. The files can be opened with ibaAnalyzer directly out of ibaDatManager.

A preconfigured analysis which can be opened together with the files will reduce the time of searching through the network and help keeping the overview.

Mode of Operation

Mode of Operation

By means of the ibaAnalyzer and ibaAnalyzer-DB applications, all data provided by the distributed measuring stations is registered in an index table in a common database.

This procedure can be automated by ibaDatCoordinator.

ibaDatManager now allows to use all available information fields in this index table as filter and search fields.

The query user interface is freely configurable. In a special design view provided by ibaDatManager, selection and control fields can be freely configured in a way that is exactly tailored to your needs.

Graphical objects can be integrated as well, e.g. a system layout.

As soon as a view has been designed, the desired data can be found rapidly and analyzed. More over the user can have a preview of the signal progress of a chosen measuring file in a preview window.

Individual Layout

Individual Layout

The layout of the view can be designed individually in the design mode.In general, ibaDatManager distinguishes clearly between administrator and user: In ibaDatManager, the administrator has access to a variety of design tools, like display and selection elements or calender functions, that can becombined freely and linked to the information fields in the database.

The user only has to click on the desired query option for immediately getting a list of iba measuring files matching the search criteria.

For a clear overview, multiple user profiles can be created, which allow all views or only process-specific views, e.g. for quality, maintenance or product analysis.

A practical example: In a hot rolling mill, distributed measuring systems acquire process data in the furnace section, at the press and the roughing mill, at the finishing mill and at the coiler.

If you need the process data of a strip number over the whole production line, you do not need to search in each measuring system any more.

With ibaDatManager, you have got a central instrument at your hands, that allows you to filter the data for strip numbers or to define time periods for the search. The database-based search does not only save valuable time, but also reduces the network load as only relevant data is transferred.

Data Analysis via a single Mouse Click

Data Analysis via a single Mouse Click

The graphical user interface facilitates the search for measuring files. The found files can be opened in ibaAnalyzer by a mouse click.In the table with the found measuring files, the user can open and analyze one or more files via mouse click.

The administrator can pre-configure different analysis descriptions and assign them in ibaDatManager. When several measuring files are opened at the same time, different modes are supported: open the files as group, append or add the files.

For a fast overview, the user can have displayed in a preview window the signal trees of the found measuring file and check the values in a targeted way by using markers.

The signal search facilitates finding appropriate measurement signals, especially in large signal trees. Moreover, the signal preview offers the possibility of a first graphical evaluation.

Signal preview with marked areasThus, defined areas of the signal, like e.g. exceeded limit values, can be marked in color.

Long-term Analysis across Measuring Files

Long-term Analysis across Measuring Files

The content of the result table can be displayed as trend and hence be used for a long-term analysis. Characteristic values which are saved in the measuring files, like the average or maximum value of a signal, the product classification or other product specific characteristics are treated like signals and can be represented in different views: Depending on the requirement, as graph in the order of the result table or in relation to the time axis.

In a histogram, the distribution of the values of the found measuring files can be read rapidly and an X/Y diagram visualizes the correlation between two or more characteristic values. This can be used for the correlation analysis of process values.

A change in the sorting criteria of the result table or the filtering of the files have an immediate effect on the representation of the trend view.

ibaDatManager offers longterm analyses across files over selected time areas or in accordance with the grouping of product classes.

Everything in Sight

Everything in Sight

A major advantage of this application is the central access to all information in the network. With ibaDatManager you always have got central access to decentrally acquired data. Due to the integrated synchronization, there is always an up-to-date overview.

Please refer to the product sheet for technical data.

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