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Terminal blocks

Bus connection for WAGO I/O-System 750



  • Decentralized input and output system
  • Bus connection for WAGO I/O-System 750
  • Supports analog and digital input and output modules and complex terminals
  • Automatic module detection (32Mbit Flex)
  • Flexible setting of the sampling rate (32Mbit Flex)
  • Ring topology for input and output processes with up to 15 devices (32Mbit Flex)
  • Replacement for previous ibaNet750-BM devices
  • ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex, 32Mbit, 3Mbit
  • Assembly on the mounting rail



ibaNet750-BM-D extends the range of iba I/O functionalities using the I/O modules of the series 750 produced by WAGO/Beckhoff. The device acts as a gateway between the I/O modules at the serial K-bus and the deterministic fiber optic ibaNet protocol.

The WAGO I/O system is the ideal supplement for the range of the peripheral devices. Analog and digital WAGO I/O terminals as well as incremental encoders, SSI inputs, RTDs, thermocouples and measuring bridges can be integrated into the system.

Up to 255 WAGO I/O terminals can be connected to ibaNet750-BM-D. The signals are internally converted and are available via the fiber optic cable interface. For the connection to a data acquisition system, such as ibaPDA, an ibaFOB-D card is used.

K-Bus Properties

A data volume of up to 2048 Bytes can be transferred over the K-bus. The sampling rate complies with the K-bus cycle time.

ibaNet interface

The device supports different ibaNet protocols at the fiber optic side.

Flexible Settings with 32Mbit Flex

Flexible Settings with 32Mbit Flex

Comfortable data acquisition with ibaPDAUsing 32Mbit Flex configuration as well as process data is transmitted via a bidirectional fiber optic cable connection.

What is particularly comfortable for the user: ibaPDA automatically detects the modules used and the signals can be easily selected and configured by mouse click.

With the ibaNet protocol 32Mbit Flex, the sampling rate can be flexibly set up to 40 kHz. The maximum data volume to be transmitted depends on the adjusted sampling rate: The higher the sampling rate, the lower the data volume.

Connection of up to 15 devices to a ring topologyThe ibaPDA application automatically determines the maximum sampling rate, which depends on the type and number of the terminals.

With 32Mbit Flex, it is possible to connect up to 15 devices to a ring topology.

The signal limitation applies to the entire ring. Thereby, the distance between the devices can be up to 2 km. Other 32Mbit Flex-enabled iba devices can be integrated into the ring as well.

32Mbit for ibaLogic

32Mbit for ibaLogic

The 32Mbit protocol is especially used in ibaLogic applications. The device is connected to an ibaLogic system via a bidirectional fi ber optic connection. Using a cycle time of 500 µs data is transmitted with a minimum delay to ibaLogic, which samples with 1 ms.

Up to 256 (REAL)/512 (INT) analog and digital signals can be transmitted per cycle.

Compatibility mode 3Mbit

Compatibility mode 3Mbit

Using the 3Mbit protocol, the device is compatible to the previous ibaNet750-BM version. Up to 8 devices may be connected in a line topology and used as pure input or output devices.

If input and output signals should be processed at the same time, it is recommended to use a ring topology.

Moreover, the devices may operate peer-to-peer without a PC involved. The cycle time is 1 ms in all applications.

Please refer to the product sheet for technical data.

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