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Mobile data acquisition

ibaPADU-C-8AI: Network independent data logger

  • Network independent battery powered data logger with integrated lithium ion battery
  • 8 analog inputs, 16 bit resolution
  • 8 digital inputs
  • Synchronous data recording of all channels
  • Creation of binary files in iba format or csv files
  • Sampling rate from 1 sample/min. to 1000 samples/s
  • External trigger
  • Integrated 4 or 32 GB data storage
  • USB interface
  • Battery run-time up to 24 h during normal operation
  • Rugged design, easy mounting



ibaPADU-C-8AI connection diagram/schematic designibaPADU-C-8AI is intended for off-line data recording of process data.

With the internal lithium ion battery the device can be powered for about 24 h independent of the power network.

Once the ibaPADU-C-8AI is connected to the mains power grid, the internal battery will be charged automatically, and thereby provides by-pass protection during unexpected power failure.

The device is easy to handle, and it can be easily configured by a textfile stored on the internal memory.

The data recording can be started and stopped manually by keystroke or triggered by external signal.

Device versions

Device versions

The device is available in two versions with different memory space

  • ibaPADU-C-8AI-Z1 with 4 GB
  • ibaPADU-C-8AI-Z2 with 32 GB

The 4 GB memory, for example, offers sufficient space for measurements over 1000 days at 1 s acquisition time or 1 day at 1 ms. The sampling rate can flexibily be adjusted for long term data logging (sampling rate 1 sample/min.) as well as for fast measurement (sampling rate 1000 samples/s).

In order to retrieve the recorded measurement data the device should be connected to a computer via USB interface. The computer recognizes the devices per plug and play like a mass storage device. In addition, it is possible to retrieve the data using a network connectivity via FTP.

Application fields

Application fields

  • Temporary data logging, e. g. during commissioning and trouble shooting
  • Flight recorder

Please refer to the product sheet for technical data.

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