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Acquire data

The basis of all process data analysis is the time synchronous acquisition of relevant data at characteristic places within an automated plant.

Different signal sources can be combined. Due to the isochronous measurement, causal relations can be detected and understood also in complex and distributed systems.


A main characteristic of the iba system is the distinct connectivity to automation systems and bus technologies. Hence, an iba measurement value acquisition system can be connected to almost every common automation system.

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Requesting measured data during running operation

Requesting measured data during running operation

For many systems, our Request technology is available. This technology allows to optionally request internal variables of the controller. Thus, you can assemble measurement values without having to stop the controller and adapt these to the respective requirement.

The measurement values are addressed with their symbolic name. The rest is done by a software agent in the controller which has to be integrated once.

Product catalog: Request-Technology



iba offers different interfaces for data acquisition.

Interfaces with Hardware  Interfaces without Hardware

Hardware to acquire data