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Quality documentation

For documenting an automated production, quality data and characteristic values need to be calculated and stored reliably in a quality management system. With the iba system, customer specific reports can be generated for product documentation and product release by automatically transforming measurement data into quality data and saving these data in an open format in databases.

Automatically calculating characteristic values

With ibaPDA, measurement data are stored product related in data files. Based on this, with ibaAnalyzer and ibaDatCoordinator, characteristic values and quality data can be calculated comprehensively and automatically from the high resolution measurement data.

ibaAnalyzer-DB allows for further aggregating the measured data length or time related and storing them along with the calculated characteristic values in databases.

Generate quality documentation automatically

After a product has been finished, the customer specific report is being filled automatically with the current measurement and quality data. On the basis of defined layout templates, it is filed as PDF or HTML document or sent automatically as e-mail. For long time analyses and cross-product documentation, ibaAnalyzer has access to the data in different databases.

Hence, a powerful, flexible and always transparent reporting system can be implemented very easiliy.

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