iba America, LLC
Product number: 33.010400
Offline analysis: Analyzer
Online and Offline Analysis Package for iba *.dat Files
ibaAnalyzer covers a broad array of analysis requirements, in which playback and editing of previously recorded data are the only interests.
A uniform interface and control syntax ensures trouble-free training as well.

Technical Data:
  • Analyses DOS and compressed PDA data files
  • Simplified analysis interface
  • Step-wise X-Y zoom in and zoom out
  • Printing with standard Windows setup, including Print Preview
  • Configurable print parameters
  • Calculations via a built-in formula editor
  • Automatic recognition of data format
    (EDAS-DOS or PDA Compressed)
  • Y/T, Y/X and FFT displays window options
  • Graphical filter design
  • Powerful import / export filters
  • Powerful 3D analysis
  • Waterfall diagrams
  • Generation and storage of virtual (calculated) signals

Special Remarks:
  • ibaAnalyzer is FREEWARE and can be copied ad infinitum if an iba online license was purchased.
  • This ensures its availability to all users who purchased an iba online license (ibaPDA, ibaLogic, ibaQDA, ibaQDR, etc.)
  • Runs under Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server (32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 Bit), Windows 2008 Server (32 Bit), Windows 7, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 8, Windows 10

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