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With the iba interface modules as translator, the most various hardware components communicate with one another independently of the manufacturer and the generation.

Thus, it is not decisive if old and new devices fit within a plant, but which performance they render - we ensure the compatibility.

Barrier-free modernization

When operating a plant, sooner or later the question of modernizing individual hardware components and devices arises. There are a lot of reasons for that: Enhancing productivity and product quality, installation of new standards, new legal requirements, missing spare parts.

With the comprehensive connectivity of the iba system, it is possible to integrate new components and devices in an existing automation environment - independent of the manufacturer or the device generation. The communication of individual devices runs also without iba application directly via ibaNet. In this process, iba assumes the role of a translator.

Fast signal processing

In case signals have to be linked or processed rapidly, this can be done easily and flexibly with ibaLogic. Control tasks can be realized by means of a graphic programming language according to IEC61131-3 which is easy to learn. Complex functions can be capsuled as function block or DLL. Programs can be modified online without having to stop the production plant.

Moreover, signals can be visualized online and the system behavior recorded in measurement files with ibaLogic.

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